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Our spirituality is not only essential to our contribution to the ongoing growth and development of our humanity as a whole and to the slow progress of civilization but also to us personally.  The one builds on the other.  In this way, spirituality is the vital link between what we call our “selves” and what we experience as our “souls”.  It is the very source of our happiness. And yet in today’s world, it seems that we are having difficulty feeling free to express it.  It seems that the cornerstones of our spirituality are eroding.  Financial and socioeconomic hits aren’t the only ones that we’ve been taking.  We’ve also been taking emotional and spiritual hits.  Our spirituality needs to be rebuild from the ground up.

Fortunately, there is a raft of new research updating our learning about each of its four cornerstones and that enable us to restore them as a platform.  There’s Mindfulness that updates psychology and sociology; there Soulfulness that updates theology and mysticism; there’s an entirely new concept called Peacefulness; and there’s Blissfulness which is as old as our species and our purpose in life itself.  So the issue is:  How do we restore the cornerstones of our personal spirituality, first and foremost? and How do we restore our personal sense of spirituality in the midst of today’s confusion?


The Need to Restore

In my recent book – Toward a More Loving and Caring World ( – I noted: “The process of globalization with its ever-advancing technology and insistence on a deeper sense of spirituality is already in high gear. It’s putting enormous demands on us as individuals and as a humanity to be more informed about ourselves, the world around us and the choices we are making.” 

I didn’t think much more about this until just recently.  I was content to take my spirituality and the spirituality of others for that matter, for granted.  It was as simple as that.  It was just there.  I realized that it was something that I had to be continuously building and I thought that I was. But of recent I have been finding it increasingly difficult to tap into the flow of the energy of my spirituality and to express it as freely as I needed to when life’s circumstances call for it.  I have had to dig deeper to get at it and to be even bolder in my expression of it.  As a result, I learned something quite surprising to me:  My spirituality is on shaky ground and in need of some very basic restoration. I don’t think that I’m alone in this.  I have had other people tell me that they are feeling uncertain about their spirituality and their ongoing expressions of it.

These are trying times that we are going through.  We are making a transition from an industrialized to a globalized society.  Due to the combined effect of a burgeoning population and of technological advances in production, transportation and communications, we are crowded together and interfacing with one another as individuals, nations and religions as never before.  We have to rethink our selves socioeconomically and politically at every level.  Even issues of energy use and sustainability have to be considered.  While that is going on, we need to reset the cornerstones of our spirituality.  Universal Love and Cosmic Consciousness. 

I am offering this website as a sort of depository to collect contemporary ideas about each of the cornerstones with the intent of updating my own thinking and ability to reset them.  It’s a sort of self-help site or better still, a help ourselves site.  I know.  It’s strange to think of updating and resetting the cornerstones of spirituality as a building process but meditation opens up this possibility.  Through meditation, Universal Love becomes the cement holding the base of our spirituality together and Cosmic Consciousness offers a blueprint for its design and development.   With this in mind, I invite any visitors to the website to add quotations from any recent readings that they have found helpful.  The resetting of the cornerstones of our spirituality is not only a common problem to each one of us personally given what today’s world is going through but also it is essential to our survival as a species.

We need to be aware, to accept, to understand and to act out our deepest sense of spirituality if we are to survive in today’s world; indeed, if today’s world itself is to survive.  MINDFULNESS, SOULFULNESS, PEACEFULNESS and BLISSFULNESS are the underpinnings for our eventually restoring or personal spirituality and finding levels of participation in a global community that is four dimensional.  The new global community seeks to carry the carry the weight of our diversity as a single unity in which we can be fully human as individuals with a common destiny.  Each of the quotes included in the website is to be read meditatively and with a mind to restoring one or the other of the cornerstones separately and jointly as a platform.  

Let me end with an example.  In Spirituality and the Wakening of Self, David G Brenner who is both a student of religion and psychology and a practicing psychotherapist, describes spirituality as:

Most essentially, spirituality is openness to the Sprit.  The sprit is the engine behind the all human becoming.  This is why it is more accurate to describe the journey of awakening and unfolding as involving steps of response rather than steps of initiative – response to the invitation of the Spirit, who continuously invites, woos, supports, sustains, and enables our becoming.  Or, if I many change the metaphor, the whole thing is a dance.  Your partner is the Spirit, who has already enter the dance floor and is calling for you to come.  The spirit will lead the dance.  You only need to follow.  Don’t hold back from trying to first learn the dance steps.  Just get out onto the floor and trust your partner to teach you everything you need to know and to give you everything you need to receive. 

One of the great paradoxes of the transformational journey is that effort and initiative are both counter productive.  All that is required of you is consent that is offered in openness and faith.

We are reluctant and even clumsy if we try when the dance floor is not secure.  Think about it as you reread Brenner’s beautiful description and once you have restored the cornerstones from some of the buffeting they’ve undergone, resume the dance of life with confidence.